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Why We Need CPD

In today’s digital world of fake identities, bogus social media profiles and false CV’s, the world needs organisations like the Institute of CPD to verify that individuals are ‘true to their word’ when listing their educational status, skills, knowledge, and competencies.

The Institute of CPD serves the public interest by ensuring that professionals, from all industries and disciplines are held to account through their ongoing CPD. Ensuring everyone, regardless of age or stage, has the opportunity to continually learn and improve.

Ultimately ensuring that as a member of the global workforce, they are reliable, have up to date skills and knowledge to perform at work, or within education, to their full potential.

“In the words of Socrates 'the only true wisdom is knowing you know nothing'. Such a thought inspires the best amongst us to keep trying to learn something new, whether it is a fact or a way of doing things. The iCPD is a leading light in encouraging people to do just that. The leader, manager or professional who thinks that there is nothing more to learn is someone who will almost certainly not achieve what can and should be achieved. Thanks to iCPD there are fewer such people than there might otherwise have been, including me! All power to its elbow”

- Lt. Gen. Sir Alistair Irwin KCB CBE

Every individual member of iCPD plays their part in protecting the public. After all, nobody wants to see a dentist who hasn’t undertaken any training, or CPD learning for 20 years, or an accountant that isn’t up to date on current financial regulations and tax laws.

Young people, who join the Institute of CPD as “iCPD Achievers” are also making a public declaration that they are constantly developing their skills, knowledge and competence.

Continual learning is critical to job satisfaction and advancement. However, it also can protect the public and wider society, by verifying individuals have genuine qualifications and work experience and ongoing commitment to keeping their knowledge and skills up to date

All members of the Institute of CPD protect the public, as it helps to raise the effectiveness of professionals through the promotion of CPD as an important and integral element of lifelong learning.