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Membership Benefits

Don’t let CPD become a ‘tick the box’ chore. With iCPD, everyday is a CPD day. We understand the nuances that set CPD apart from lifelong learning (LLL), formal training and routine courses. That’s why, iCPD endeavours to make CPD an ongoing practice, delivered through your personalisation of development and continuous learning. Let’s take a look at some direct and indirect benefits you can reap by becoming an iCPD member :

Build credibility with prestigious letters after your name and digital badges - Build instant social credibility for your personal brand and CV with prestigious post-nominals. Use certified digital badges on your social networks to show peers and colleagues your professionalism and commitment to CPD.

Keep your professional qualifications current and relevant with high value - It's 2023 and Covid has changed how we learn and work. Today, we learn from work, not for work. iCPD membership will recommend high quality, relevant content that is personalised to you as per your unique needs and interests.

Develop competence by rewiring your skills for the future - CPD has a multidimensional approach to long haul career development. Offer cutting edge competency in your services that sets you apart from colleagues and competitors. Build expertise, stay updated, broaden your skill base and become a competent problem solver for your business or industry.

Leverage the power of community and networking - Stay market relevant by connecting with fellow professionals, coaches and experts across the globe. We work with the CPD Standards office to bring you the best of learning, people and mentors.
Create new employment opportunities and boost your CV - With continuous upskilling that is market relevant, you get to create new employment opportunities for yourself. By learning complementary skill sets, expanding on your core specialisation and incorporating the application of technology, automation etc to your field, you stand a chance at exponentially increasing your earning potential and business revenue.
Set yourself up for collaboration and innovation - The path to growth is not competition. It’s collaboration and co-creation. Find the best minds in your industry and collaborate to execute new ideas and bring your vision alive. Be it group work in your office, or an online community of like minded professionals, CPD nurtures collaborative skills and helps you build long term, meaningful, professional relationships.
• Improve cognitive function and drive your curiosity - Continuous learning has been associated with better cognitive function, a heightened sense of awareness and increased levels of confidence and courage when pursuing opportunities. Your formal education may not have factored in your dynamic interests and evolving curiosity. But with an iCPD membership, you can drive your curiosity and explore new ways of thinking and problem solving. These qualities become priceless assets not just for you but for any organisation you become a part of.

To survive and thrive, organisations must urgently become learning organisations, where every colleague is recognised as an individual learner, requiring continual growth and mastery of their daily work life.

Businesses that understand the importance of delving into everyday issues impacting their performance, and proactively develop the expertise required to traverse everyday challenges in a complicated ecosystem are significantly more likely to grow and succeed.

Please Note

Each membership of the Institute of CPD is to award the individual with post nominals and to recognise a commitment to lifelong and continual learning. It is not to acknowledge a business or training organisation as a CPD approved provider. All membership badges therefore, must not be used as an endorsement to award CPD points or certification to delegates nor be marketed in a way that contravenes the recognition of the individual.

If you are a training provider seeking independent accreditation for your learning activities, please visit