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Partnerships with Professonial Bodies & Regulators

The CPD Institute is a cross-professional body, and welcomes individuals and organisations from all disciplines and sectors.

Since 1995, our philosophy is to be a positive force within the CPD and lifelong learning arena.

CPD for Everyone

We welcome individuals either undertaking CPD independently, or who are currently engaged in CPD practices for their specific disciplines.

Our CPD requirements complement existing CPD and professional development policies, and we operate on a pan-industry, multi-disciplinary basis.

As a global community, our members come together from the range of traditional professions including law, accountancy, medicine, science, engineering, and teaching. As well as those who have careers in modern day roles, such as digital marketing, customer service, communications or financial services.

Professionals Currently Engaged in CPD

Within the UK alone, there are over 3000 professional bodies and institutes, with an estimated combined membership of 5 million individuals, formally undertaking CPD as a membership requirement.

We understand that individuals often undertake many more CPD hours, not less, than their annual requirement, and the Institute of CPD exists to officially recognise and celebrate that commitment to continual learning.

We encourage individuals to become part of a wider CPD community, in addition to their current professional memberships, and be awarded official post-nominals.

Everyday is a Learning Day

In 2022, as we begin to recover from the global pandemic, continual learning and education are the key to unlocking positive new futures. Everyone learns a little everyday, through a plethora of digital, online channels, as well as face to face training, coaching and professional conversations.

Without question, the world of work has changed. Our environments are evolving, and being 'online' is now woven into the fabric of our everyday experiences. For many, the traditional pathways of education - school, college, university - have moved into a new era. Continual learning, combined with the values of collaboration, soft skills and relationship building are the stepping stones into employment.

From Jobs to Careers

The Institute of CPD awards membership and post-nominals to those who are pioneering new pathways into the world of work and employment. For young people, our Achiever status is open to anyone aged 16 - 25, and encourages the development of skills, knowledge and competence for success in the workplace.

In all corners of the globe, there are employment initiatives, not-for-profit organisations and educational foundations who offer support and education for those seeking to turn a job into a career. The work environment for today's young person is a vastly different world compared to previous generations. Online portfolio working and "side hustles" are all opportunities open to everyone. CPD can be as simple as a beginners first step to learning something new, or a more experienced walk to develop skills for employment and success.

Our CPD Partnerships

Throughout our 27 year history, and our exclusive partnership with the CPD Standards Office, we are connected to professional institutions, regulators, membership associations, all representing particular roles, disciplines or professions. In some sectors, CPD has long been an expectation of professionals, where the CPD policies require a minimum number of CPD hours, learning outcomes or reflective practice.

Our members commit to undertaking CPD, dependent on their membership level, and can proudly display our prestigious post-nominals as a clear statement they are committed to continual development and learning.