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How The Process Works?

Step 1 - Choose Your Membership Level

Click the 'join us today' button below, and select either Achiever, Member or Fellow. Each level requires a commitment to a minimum number of CPD hours per year.

Step 2 - Fill In The Online Form

Complete the online application form, and include your date of birth and online links to verify your identity. We will also ask you for information about your professional experience, and areas of expertise.

Step 3 - Wait For Verification & Approval

On receipt of a complete application form, the CPD Institute Membership team will verify your application, and may contact you for further information. During this time, your application status will be pending approval.
Step 4 - Wear & Share The Badge

Once your application has been approved, you will receive an email confirmation of your membership level, details of your post-nominals, and information on recording your CPD hours.

Step 5 - Celebrate Your CPD Success

As a registered member of the CPD Institute, you are eligible to use your prestigious post nominals on CVs and resumes, and promote the letters after your name.

Becoming a member of the iCPD means developing the right skills for your career and becoming an exemplary role model for your peers, employers and clients. We advise our members on relevant CPD and support them at each stage of their careers. Throughout your membership year, you'll have access to a wealth of resources that will help you develop your skills, hone your leadership abilities, and position yourself as the best candidate for a promotion or a new role.