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The Institute of CPD is the leading globally connected, cross-professional body, established to offer formal recognition to those who demonstrate a personal commitment to Continuing Professional Development (CPD). We work on a pan-industry, multidisciplinary platform, and our community welcomes everyone, whatever their discipline, professional status or education attainment.  
Since 1995, we have been building a new kind of professional in many countries; the kind who are not afraid to question and challenge old ways of thinking and doing. Individuals who don’t think their education ‘ended’ at formal qualification, or think they have heard it all before.
By joining our global community, the Institute of CPD will encourage and guide you towards relevant, accessible CPD learning, and provide you with:

Develop competence by rewiring your skills ready for the future


Build instant credibility with prestigious post-nominals & certified badges


Leverage our network to grow your business or get that dream job you want.

From individuals to small businesses or corporate employers, Governments, universities and charities, our membership is a broad church and celebrates the continued efforts and engagement to knowledge and skill acquisition.  We welcome those who are looking to not only succeed in the world, but to shape it for the better.
At no time in our history have we experienced such a rapid evolution in the global economy. New structures of work and learning are emerging, and new ways of thinking are needed if we are to continue to function effectively in a world that is becoming increasingly chaotic and unpredictable.

“As professionals we have to keep updated in our rapidly changing industries. But in order to stay fresh and relevant it is also vital to keep learning and developing new skills. Not only does this build professions to be proud of but it is personally motivating and rewarding too.” – Dame Gillian Guy DBE


CPD is simply a structured approach to everyday learning. CPD is not a formal qualification, rather the continual learnings, often in bitesize chunks, that keep you, and your qualifications up to date.

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It is more important than ever before for people in all fields to commit themselves to the process of continuing professional development. In 2023 many organisations and professions are no longer learning for work, but from work.
Today, CPD is the currency of professional education and training, by everyone in the workforce across the globe. It’s the culmination of every small and big effort you undertake to be better at work and a better you.
In order to drive change and tackle trends in an increasingly complex society, we need to encompass learning that truly matters to us and which gives us the experience and ability to put us on track to succeed. This includes acquisition of new subjects, maintaining and harnessing both old and new skills, to generally ensure our competence is outstanding.