Our Global Membership Community

iCPD is open to individuals across the globe with a commitment to building a community beyond the borders and making CPD accessible and affordable for everyone. Headquartered in the UK, we accept membership applications from international individuals and organisations. 

Our members include professionals such as teachers, solicitors, accountants, CEOs, business owners, young people who are starting out on their professional journey. There are mentors, trainers, coaches, retired professionals who spend time continuing to learn and give back to the community. 

We’re here to help you fulfil your career goals. We are committed to supporting you at every stage of your career, and membership to the institute will help you enhance your qualifications. 

Whether you're an experienced professional, or just starting out in a new industry, the Institute will guide you to relevant qualifications, cutting edge knowledge and transferable skills. 

“Wisdom Is Not A Product Of Schooling, But Of The Lifelong Attempt To Acquire It.” - Albert Einstein

Finding Great Training Courses & Learning Resources

iCPD works exclusively with The CPD Standards Office to promote verified, authentic learning resources and training courses delivered by genuine, high quality providers.  Each accredited training provider must undertake a rigorous, scientific assessment procedure, and meet the criteria to become a formal CPD provider. 

With training providers in over 50 countries, over the past decade, The CPD Standards Office has accredited 1000’s of organisations, who collectively deliver formal CPD activities to over 500k learners each year. 

Training providers who are fully accredited with the Office, are allowed to issue official CPD certificates, which individuals can then use as evidence within their annual CPD record. 

Together iCPD and The CPD Standards Office ensure that you have access to great training courses and learning resources that you can undertake as part of your annual learning requirement. 

Individuals who are members of iCPD, other professional bodies, regulators and educational organisations, are expected to undertake CPD annually. And membership with iCPD ensures that each individual not only undertakes CPD on an ongoing basis, but also ensures that they achieve their CPD requirements from their professional body or employer. 

With iCPD, you can keep track of your annual CPD goals and make sure your CPD meets current standards. We work exclusively with the CPD Standards Office so you get the most relevant, up to date and verified training courses and learning resources. The CPD Standards Office is the leading authority in the UK on CPD accreditation. iCPD has partnered with the CPD Standards Office to offer support and recognition for professionals across industries.