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Commit to continuous learning to receive official letters after your name, regardless of your professional status, educational level, or work experience
Steven - iCPD - Homepage
Suzie - iCPD - Homepage

Oleh Fitz – AInstCPD

“For me joining the ICPD was the right thing to do. A body dedicated to my development and a way for me to prove to others (especially employers) my commitment to being a professional and aspirations to be successful.”

Steven - iCPD - Homepage
Suzie - iCPD - Homepage

Milly Isaac – MinstCPD

“The CPD Institute allows me to be part of a great society of professionals, and provides me with the confidence that I’m on the right track.”

Suzie - iCPD - Homepage

Joshua Locos – FInstCPD

“iCPD is a one-stop shop for all of my professional needs. The courses are relevant and varied enough that I can always find something to keep me on top of my game.”

Rewire your future & unlock new doors for others

The CPD Institute (iCPD) is a global community and mass movement of people, dedicated to being the best version of themselves.

We work with individuals to develop continuous knowledge and skills, and support young people to flourish and fulfil their professional ambitions.

At iCPD, we have spent the last 27 years helping our members push themselves to and beyond their limits, putting plans in place to ensure that they meet their highest potential.

Progressing Your Career?

Seeking A New Role?

Growing A Business?

If you’re looking to grow your business, career and personal relationships through learning, development and personal growth, then CPD deserves your consideration. 

CPD helps you become more employable

Please note: Membership of the institute awards individuals with post nominals and to recognise a commitment to lifelong and continual learning. It is not to acknowledge a business or training organisation as a CPD approved provider. All membership badges therefore, must not be used as an endorsement to award CPD points or certification to delegates, nor be marketed in a way that contravenes the recognition of the individual. If you are a training provider seeking independent accreditation for your learning activities, please visit www.cpdstandards.com 

Let’s join together and

change the world for the better…

We are big believers in joining together and give back,
because we know the value of learning is priceless.
25% of all our membership fees are donated to The Harris Foundation For Lifelong Learning
who support learning and education amongst members of the wider society.

Achiever of the Institute - iCPD

Achiever (AInstCPD)

Achievers are young people aged between 16 to 25, who do not merely talk about their ambitions but pursue them through continuous learning and action.

Member (MInstCPD)

Do you value professional development? Do you see it as essential to your ongoing success? Take control of your own performance and future-proof your career.

Fellow Of The Institute - iCPD

Fellow (FInstCPD)

Are you a senior professional knowing the ins and outs of your industry? If so, you have the opportunity to be recognised for your expertise and be part of an elite network.

At no time in our history have we experienced such a rapid evolution in the global economy. New structures of work and learning are emerging, and new ways of thinking are needed if we are to continue to function effectively in a world that is becoming increasingly chaotic and unpredictable.

It is more important than ever before for people in all fields to commit themselves to the process of continuing professional development.


CPD is a simple and structured approach to everyday learning. CPD is not a formal qualification, rather the continuous learning, in bitesize chunks, that keep you, and your qualifications up to date. Today, CPD is the currency of professional education and training, by everyone in the workforce across the globe. 

It’s the culmination of every small and big effort you undertake to be better at work and a better you. In short, membership with the CPD Institute provides:


Develop competence by rewiring your skills ready for the future


Build instant credibility with prestigious post-nominals & certified badges


Leverage our network to grow your business or get that dream job you want.

Traditional education has always provided the basic building blocks upon which CPD stands. In 2022 we need to learn subjects that truly matter to us and which give us the experience and ability to put us on track to succeed. We’re no longer learning for work, but from work.

Unlock New Careers With CPD

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Improve your knowledge, skills and competence with CPD

CPD, a key component of lifelong learning, can be defined as the systematic maintenance and improvement of knowledge, skills and competence, and the enhancement of learning, undertaken by an individual throughout their working life.

The CPD Institute is a cross-professional body providing recognition and support for individuals, whatever their discipline, who demonstrate a personal commitment to their own CPD and recognise its value to their clients, colleagues and society in general.

‘The Institute serves the public interest by helping to raise the effectiveness of professionals through the promotion of CPD as an important and integral element of lifelong learning’

The world in which all professionals practise is changing. Global competition has never been more intense. Clients are becoming more knowledgeable and more demanding. Technology continues to affect all aspects of our lives. The knowledge-base of the professions, and of the sectors in which they operate, has also increased.

With such developments come new opportunities: new clients, new markets, new areas of practice and new methods of working. These changes demand ever-evolving knowledge, skills and understanding and an increasing demonstration of commitment to lifelong professional learning.

Commitment to CPD is also an acknowledgement that becoming professionally qualified is not an end in itself – it is merely the beginning. Updating skills and knowledge on a continuing basis is essential to career progression, particularly given the passing of the ‘job for life’ and rigorously-defined career path cultures.

Now, individuals, of whatever profession, who demonstrate an added personal commitment to CPD, and who believe in keeping up to date and seeking to raise standards for the greater public good, are able to be rewarded with the designatory letters AInstCPD, FInstCPD or MInstCPD.

Today, our society faces numerous pressures. This paper tackles two issues in particular: longer life expectancies and the rapid advancement of technology.

Both of these are challenges in their own right. They also intertwine – interacting with each other and in some instances magnifying each other’s effects.

How can we deal with these two issues and ensure that we are prepared for the future?

Lifelong learning is about how we relate to each other and work together. It is about how we participate in society together. It is in everyone’s interests that we all keep ourselves ‘up to speed’ with the changes going on around us. These days, those changes so often involve technology – whether it is the cause, itself, of change or the solution to it.

Longevity, Technology & Lifelong Learning

“Continuing professional development plays a vital part in ensuring public confidence in the professions, especially in our increasingly fast-changing world. And it is particularly important for the UK, in order to maintain its outstanding reputation in the field of professional services in an increasingly competitive world. On a personal note, my own experience of CPD is that by introducing you to new ideas, it makes life more interesting as well as making you a better professional.”

– The Rt. Hon. Lord Neuberger of Abbotsbury

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I record my CPD?

As part of your membership, you will be given access to an online CPD recording portal, where you can easily record your learning and achievements. 

COMING SOON, the CPD Institute APP will give you the ability to record your CPD on the go, and connect you to the global community. 

The APP is designed to put the ‘the steer on your career’ in your very own pocket where you get to record your CPD activities on the move, upload certificates and tangibly recognise a thirst of reskilling or upskilling yourself. 

What activities count towards my CPD?

Any activity that develops your professional skills, both soft and hard, counts towards your CPD points/hours. The learning doesn’t have to be within your professional field – if you are planning to change career paths, for example, you can log CPD points by completing activities that align with the new career you are pursuing. 

The activities can include events (online or in person), networking sessions, online or face-to-face training, reading (articles, books, journals), mentoring sessions (you can be the mentor or the mentee), shadowing, professional writing, research, and others.

Please remember that for an activity to count towards your CPD hours; it must be part of your Professional Development. Therefore, personal hobbies such as gardening, travel, knitting, yoga, or else that don’t relate to your professional path are not applicable. Remember…. iCPD is about you and your career. 

I’ve become a member, how do I use my badge and membership for the greater good?

Your membership and digital badge is a currency that can be used in both your CV and LinkedIn profile pages as an employability tool that helps you not only focus on your career journey but also demonstrate your commitment to your own future development.

You’ll be awarded post nominals after your name – Achiever (AInstCPD), Member (MInstCPD) or Fellow (FInstCPD) to elevate your learning above a formal qualification and COMING SOON, the CPD Institute App will give you the ability to network with other like minded, career driven individuals to gain insights and experience from all walks of life.

The app is designed to put the ‘the steer on your career’ in your very own pocket where you get to record your CPD activities on the move, upload certificates and tangibly recognise a thirst of reskilling or upskilling yourself.

How do I know where to find good CPD training?

The CPD Institute works in partnership with the CPD Standards Office – a CPD Accreditation organisation with over 1,000 members. You can use the database (see here) to find CPD accredited providers by category or keyword and visit their websites to find a course that matches your needs

Why should I do CPD?

Undertaking CPD is vital to keeping your knowledge and skills up-to-date. Across the workforce, CPD is expected of most individual professionals in most sectors. Regulatory bodies are established to ensure that the public receives services of the required standard, so CPD is taken very seriously.