Join the Institute as a Corporate Member

‘Stand out from the crowd by going above and beyond…’

They say the shortest distance between 2 points is a straight line, but unfortunately, we live in a constantly evolving and changing world when often, things aren’t always linear which can sometimes stifle our next move… How great would it be if your organisation can be better equipped to deal with rapid change?


Corporate membership to the CPD Institute is not only a demonstrable way of investing in your people, but also a way of improving productivity and to help promote a better working environment. Giving your team the facility to take the handle on their learning shapes career journeys and makes ambitions come to life.

‘Empower your workforce & invest in their futures’

Corporate membership is designed to work alongside your company culture and core values to;

–          Nurture talent and encourage career development

–          Improve employee engagement and retention

–          Get the very best from you workforce

As the world moves, lifelong learning moves with it and so your employees can have the autonomy to reach their desired goals and get the very best out of their potential. 

‘Now my employees can do CPD AND record CPD without it being a chore’

As a corporate member of the Institute, your organisation itself can stand out from the crowd and are demonstrating your commitment to learning and development, going ‘over and above’ with CPD to achieve truly high standards. Your corporate membership will show employees, customers and partners that you are willing to go the extra mile.


If your organisation wants to get involved, membership is banded depending on how many employee memberships you obtain and for more information, please get in touch by emailing

Our Corporate Membership packages include access to;

  • A Working in Partnership Corporate CPD logo to use on your L&D resources and website.

  • A digital badge with Post-nominals (MInstCPD) for employees to use on their LinkedIn profiles & other bio’s. If your organisation has an apprenticeship or graduate scheme, then post-nominals (AInstCPD) will be awarded.

  • The CPDme App where they can proactively record their CPD learning on the move and be used as an employability tool.

  • The CPD Directory, giving access to trusted and affordable CPD content suited to their career progression and learning needs.

  • A member’s area to network with other, likeminded, career driven individuals to share best practices.

Please note:

Each employee/individual that becomes a member of the Institute of CPD is to acknowledge the individual with post nominals, digital badge and to recognise a commitment to lifelong, continual learning for their own career progression and employability profiles. it is not to acknowledge a business or training organisation as a CPD approved/accredited provider. All membership badges, therefore, must not be used as an endorsement to award CPD points or certification to delegates nor be marketed in a way that contravenes the recognition of the individual.

If you are a training provider seeking independent accreditation for your learning activities, please visit

“I know less now than I did when I thought I knew it all. In fact it is frightening to realise how much more there is to learn.

The only reason I improve is because others with knowledge are generous enough to support me with my ongoing education.

CPD is an integral and critical part of acquiring expertise and helps to makes us better professionals and individuals with understanding both now and in the future.”

Graham Chase FRICS