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The Institute of CPD (iCPD) is the global membership body for everyone undertaking Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or continually learning through any type of education. 

iCPD has continually led the field in the professional development arena since 1995, and membership immediately raises your professional profile and brilliantly boosts your CV. 

It demonstrates your passion and commitment to continual learning, personal and professional skills, knowledge updates and experience. You’ll get:

  • Post-nominals and digital badges that reflect your professional status with iCPD
  • Monthly newsletters providing latest learning news, trends and insights.
  • Accessible CV templates (for all career stages) to promote your membership
  • Discounts to verified CPD learning events, products and services
  • Regular webinars on workplace skills, and personal development

Membership with iCPD enables you to develop the right, and relevant, skills set for career success. It ensures you become an exemplary role model for either your employer, or a brilliant / competitive candidate when applying for a new role. 

Grow Your Expertise with CPD

Join a vibrant community of individuals who are enthusiastic to learn new skills and develop themselves. Continual learning is often known as Continuing Professional Development (CPD) or Lifelong Learning (LLL). CPD includes every type of learning and training available today: 

  • Online courses Live webinars Face to face training and conferences
  • Watching videos on Youtube, live stream educational zooms 
  • Reading articles and professional publications
  • Being a coach or mentor, or receiving coaching and mentoring.

We advise our members on relevant CPD and support them at each stage of their career and recommend professional development opportunities for young people.

“For me joining the Institute of CPD is a no-brainer. A body dedicated to my development, and a way for me to prove to others (especially employers) my commitment to being a professional and aspirations to be successful.”